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BookGoodies Interview – Madi Preda author of How To Promote and Market Your Book

My case against free books

The Truth about POD “Publishing”

Savvy Writers & e-Books online


“Currently unavailable.” When you read this on Amazon’s website you can be sure it is a POD Book…
Amazon assigns many of those out-of-stock books on an availability status of 2-3 weeks. And no one wants to wait that long when ordering on the internet.

POD (Print on Demand) services call it “self-publishing” – but there are important differences between a POD service and true self-publishing. They are in fact VERY EXPENSIVE PRINTERS – NOT PUBLISHERS!  POD printers are producing the book only when ordered. What are the differences?

TRUE self-publishing:  all rights remain with the writer, who has full ownership of her work, including the ISBN number.
POD services:  mostly owns the ISBN and the author has a very limited claim on digital and/or electronic publishing rights.

TRUE self-publishing:  the writer controls all aspects of the publishing process, cover art, print style, pricing etc.
POD services:  choices are…

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Do. Don’t. Don’t.

Eric Lahti

I know a lot of authors have set quirks, things they do while they’re writing.  Some will always start and end a book with a glass of a particular wine or only like to work at the Starbucks on Central.  I tend to kick back on my couch, prop my trusty Asus laptop on my legs and just go for it.  I don’t have specific rules for how much I write every night, but I try to write something every night.  There are nights when that will be a couple thousand words and there are nights when I’m lucky to get a couple sentences to line up on the page.  The last couple nights have been “lucky to get a couple sentences out” nights.  I think I managed to get a woman to shoot an arrow and a dragon to slide smoothly out of the woods.

I really only follow…

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Seeking Guest Posters

K Morris - Poet

I am always happy to accept guest posts. If you are interested in doing a guest post please contact me (putting “guest post” in the subject line of your email). Your post can be about any topic (within reason of course)! But subjects might include: a piece about your favourite book, why you write or anything of a literary nature. Please send emails to newauthoronline (at) gmail .com.


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A Lesson on Dialogue

Book’s Marketing is a self-promotion job


 Self -Planning for Self Promotionblack-33184_150 boy cartoon

If you are an author trying to market your book and understand how it all works, the first steps to follow are: dive into social media, build a marketing plan, and generally speaking, use any help you can get in order to spread the word.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you draw a marketing plan:

-what are the right tools for what you want to achieve

-where are the places to help you get the word out

-what kinds of reviews copies you will use

-how you can grow your audience and what kinds of readers you like to have; don’t think in numbers terms but in terms of audience type, geography, culture, education, and age

Every marketing plan should start with pre-planning the strategy and this includes:

-an honest determination of capabilities and strengths

-how far in advance you will send…

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Little Martians Learn To Count by Madi Preda

Marketing 101 for Authors

Rick Polson


I was on a fun radio show last night ––world-of-ink
where we talked marketing and authors. There are a few things that need to be repeated.

First, authors need to understand that their book is product just like a television, refrigerator or bag of chips. That means it needs to be marketed in a business way. And there are several ways to do that.

In order to understand where your audience reads, watches, listens to and surfs you need to do a survey. The survey should contain 10-15 multiple choice questions to get a feel where the people you have communicated to get their information and entertainment. Here are two questions that everyone can use:

When you turn the TV on, what do you look at first?
ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX Movies channels Sports channels Real life

When you listen to the radio, what do you listen to most?

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Land Of Books

Madi Preda is a very special author. All the reviews of project “How To Promote and Market Your Book – Publicists Tips & Tricks” are very positive. She dedicated her time to help authors. This is why Madi is so interesting to all of us – indie authors.

– What is your book about?
– First of all I want to thank you for having me as a guest on your blog today. As the title sais “How To Promote and Market Your Book – Publicists Tips & Tricks” is a book about book marketing,based on my experience as a publicist and its meant to be a help for every writer. The book contains general notions about book marketing, step by step ideas on how to build an author brand. Three case studies for promotion on different genres and lots of resources and useful contacts.
– How you decide to…

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