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The Truth about POD “Publishing”

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“Currently unavailable.” When you read this on Amazon’s website you can be sure it is a POD Book…
Amazon assigns many of those out-of-stock books on an availability status of 2-3 weeks. And no one wants to wait that long when ordering on the internet.

POD (Print on Demand) services call it “self-publishing” – but there are important differences between a POD service and true self-publishing. They are in fact VERY EXPENSIVE PRINTERS – NOT PUBLISHERS!  POD printers are producing the book only when ordered. What are the differences?

TRUE self-publishing:  all rights remain with the writer, who has full ownership of her work, including the ISBN number.
POD services:  mostly owns the ISBN and the author has a very limited claim on digital and/or electronic publishing rights.

TRUE self-publishing:  the writer controls all aspects of the publishing process, cover art, print style, pricing etc.
POD services:  choices are…

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