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A Lesson on Dialogue

Book’s Marketing is a self-promotion job


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If you are an author trying to market your book and understand how it all works, the first steps to follow are: dive into social media, build a marketing plan, and generally speaking, use any help you can get in order to spread the word.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you draw a marketing plan:

-what are the right tools for what you want to achieve

-where are the places to help you get the word out

-what kinds of reviews copies you will use

-how you can grow your audience and what kinds of readers you like to have; don’t think in numbers terms but in terms of audience type, geography, culture, education, and age

Every marketing plan should start with pre-planning the strategy and this includes:

-an honest determination of capabilities and strengths

-how far in advance you will send…

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