Writing is a Job

Jo Robinson

I’ve been hectically busy just lately with lots of rotten things that haven’t involved reading or writing a word. Not so much fun, I didn’t like it, and now I’m resolved to boot anyone who tries to get me away from my computer until I’ve finished what I’m working on in the left kneecap. Hard. Very hard, and with malice aforethought.

Zooming through my piles of emails now, I spotted a post where someone said that her entire family see her writing as a hobby, a vanity, and a waste of time. Not cool – hackles up. When you’re a writer, those around you have to be properly taught that what you do is just as important, if not more so in some cases, as what anyone else does. Even if you’re only starting out in your scribbling career, and aren’t earning more than enough to buy your current weekly…

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