Free Book Promotion

Free Book Promotion



Join Author Meeting Place (AMP)  for free and promote all your books. Blog about your books, Create and Participate in Groups and Communicate in our new Forum.

Join eReader Paradise for free and promote all your eBooks:

Even though you can join these 2 websites and promote your book(s) only Cold Coffee Press Authors get special featured promotion/presentation. To be considered for book promotion on CCP please visit this link:

Our Other 3 Websites:
Cold Coffee Press:
Cold Coffee Social Ning:
Cold Coffee Writer’s Magazine (24/7 Live Magazine):


About authors promotion

Publicity and Exposure for Writers Authors PR promotes literary works,brings more publicity for writers and exposes their books around the world.Collaborating close with the authors,Author Pr will obtain more exposure and media coverage for the book and the author. -direct marketing campaign through creative and innovative marketing strategies -digital advertising -public relation -presentation-planning and design,evaluation and monitoring -marketing and promotional materials -website and blog development and design -authors interviews -pre launch campaign -analysis

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