My Guide – How To Write A Novel and Market and Sell Books-Claire Pickering and Rebecca Richmond

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My Guide: How to Write A Novel by Rebecca Richmond and Claire Pickering

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 Are you an enthusiast for the written word or an aspiring writer?


The key to success is simply ensuring that you’ve touched all the bases in this upbeat guide.


Do you have a story burning in your head but don’t know where to start?


Well, as the authors themselves state:


‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’

~ Confucius ~


In this self-help book, Rebecca Richmond and Claire Pickering offer solid advice on the craft of writing and all the important bases on how to put words together effectively and efficiently.


The two authors cover different tasks from developing the idea of your story to the roles of characters, grammar and other key factors, including spelling and punctuation.

Claire and Rebecca also explain about the most important aspects of the writing process for when it comes to publication, giving you the various options as regards agents, royalties, vanity or subsidised publishing, and self-publishing.


Read My Guide: How to Write A Novel and you will know how to deal with rejections and handle a bad review. You will also discover how to conduct a brainstorming session, maintain the ambition necessary to complete your book and learn how to keep your brain in gear so the art of writing goes smoothly and quickly. In their guide, the authors talk about the ins and outs of all aspects to be considered as a writer and bring their considerable experience as editorial consultants.


Anyone who values writing words is in for a treat.


Excerpt from My Guide: How to Write A Novel:


Consolidating and Final Polish


You will need to go through your work and take out anything unnecessary. Make every word and description count and be ruthless when removing words and descriptive passages:


  • Have you included too much detail?
  • Have you described someone’s life story?
  • Have you left enough to the reader’s imagination?
  • Is there too much purple prose?
  • Have you overused adjectives?
  • When a character is speaking, do they actually have something to say or are you just filling in time?
  • Is conversation natural and is it relevant?
  • Does it push on the action, create excitement and atmosphere or tell us more about their personality and attitude?


If not, take it out.


Go through the book several times, omitting more each time, so that it doesn’t feel like you are cutting out huge chunks, leaving you feeling as if you have wasted hours of work. Keep a copy of each version so that if you make a mistake, an original, older version can

be retrieved to enable you to replace the material.


Market and Sell Books by Rebecca Richmond and Claire Pickering -Coming soon!

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Who said you can’t sell ice to Eskimos?


This compact guide indentifies the basics of book marketing such as using social media, search engine optimization and blogging. With essential strategies for marketing and generating sales for books, you will soon learn how to build your author platform.


Claire and Rebecca explain very honestly why some books never sell and offer guidance through marketing techniques and tools. The entire social network is explained from how to sign up for an account to how to use them and the authors offer very good coaching tips. They give the author the confidence to know that they have written a good book; as the two authors say: ‘If you don’t believe in your book how can you expect your audience to?’


Market and Sell Books seems to have two audiences: writers who want to do their own promotion and the professional marketers who may find this hands-on guide very helpful. Even those with a lot of experience in online marketing could learn something new.


Balanced between traditional and online marketing, with many provocative ideas, Market and Sell Books is an informative read from someone with plenty of practical experience in the publishing business.


‘Marketing takes a day to learn. Unfortunately, it takes a lifetime to master’

~ Phil Kolter ~


Excerpt from Market and Sell Books:


Ways to Engage

For authors both fiction and non-fiction there are lots of ways to engage with people, including the following:


  • Ask people their opinion about a particular subject within your topic.
  • Identify someone who did X, Y or Z best.
  • Engage with your audience by asking questions and making provocative comments, encouraging a response.
  • Make a prediction.
  • Try using techniques like question or quote of the week.
  • Ask for help.
  • Invite comments and thoughts on a topic.
  • Share what you are currently doing, like a progress report.
  • Post a ‘Message me today …’ remark.
  • Post a picture and invite comments.
  • Post a ‘Send me your thoughts about (your topic) …’ remark.
  • Post a ‘Come and talk to me about (your topic) today …’comment.
  • Be human – nobody feels comfortable with someone who they perceive as perfect and make sure you appear personable. People want to know that there is someone real behind the façade, with real feelings and emotions.
  • Don’t always be a ‘yes’ person. Consider arguing with someone over a point you disagree with, but be tactful, unless part of your marketing strategy is to be controversial.
  • Share public events, festivals, book signings, etc., and update this often.
  • Ask yourself hard-hitting questions others don’t dare ask but are dying to know.
  • If you have written a self-help book, you can invite questions on the topic and give free helpful advice.
  • Invite people to read your first chapter and comment.



About the authors:


Claire Pickering and Rebecca RichmondRichmond pickering


Author of several self-help books, Rebecca Richmond has enjoyed a highly successful career within global organisations, later going on to become a coach. Having triumphed over adversity and cancer, as a qualified coach, master practitioner of NLP, hypnosis and Time Line Therapy,™ she is ideally equipped to help people achieve the success they deserve.


A qualified proofreader and editor, and a published author herself, Claire Pickering enjoys helping authors achieve their goals. Having worked in the publishing industry for many years, she is constantly striving to increase her expertise in editing, publishing and marketing methods that work.!/thewritershouse


Claire & Rebecca  wish you every success and look forward to seeing your name on the bestsellers list.



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