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Public relations with integrity – the only way

Mark Thomson on Public Relations








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The relationship between integrity and great communications and why it matters.

The news that Tony Benn has died is rightly cause for sadness. And reflection.

I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting him. As a public relations agency account director I organised the opening of a new facility. Then a MP, he agreed to be the principal guest and I had the opportunity to chat with him for a while.

His intellect and presence shone through but so too did his humanity and kindness, his deep interest in this particular project and his complete mastery of the brief because of that interest. Here was a man whose sincerity was tangible.

The tributes paid to him have been dominated by the word ‘integrity’ and this set me thinking about the relationship between integrity and effective communications.

People may define integrity differently. For me it’s doing what you say you will…

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Is Google Plus Worth your Time

Robert Medak

From personal experience, the answer is still obscure.

Many of the posts on Google + will remind one of being on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter with all of the inane personal posts.

From a purely personal perspective, over 80 percent of messages received are not relevant to learning, connecting, or helping any entrepreneur with their business. This statistic does not bode well for making connections and marketing your business.

A piece of advice for Google + users, choose the people you follow wisely and make sure their posts are relevant to your business, if they are not, do not waste your time reading their posts.

Social media is NOT about followers, it is however, about relevant followers, please do yourself a favor, NEVER buy followers or likes, which can make you look desperate and penalized in Google ratings or worse.

No business or entrepreneur sets up to look desperate for…

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Tools to market a book

Writing, Speaking and Visual Message


A written message make it easy to:

-present specific details of the book subject and characters

-present extensive and complex biography of the author

-communicate a message to reach readers emotions

Speaking in public is more efficient if you want to:

-answer questions

-use emotions to persuade the readers

-provoke an immediate response or action

-focus the readers attention on specific points

Meeting with readers clubs,communities groups and oral presentation in libraries or book shops are important ways of reaching the audience.

Short video clips are important for the visual impact of your message

-use short videos to captivate your audience

-a few teasers which are essential for the subject of your book and the main character

-a few suggestive images and the cover art

-in a video you can use both of the above, a written message or you can choose to speak.

How to Sell More Books -Reach The Right Audience for Your Book

Literary Lounge Logo 1How to reach the right audience?

When you think about what is the right way to reach your audience you have to use analysis of a few factors and use them to plan strategy, style, newsletter and sell sheets or visual presentation.


Different audience has different needs.

Demographic factors

Age, gender, religion, education level, income and location

Let’s talk about age.The way of thinking suffers some changes in the growing up process, people’s priorities and perspectives change and you need to shape the description of your book in relation with the audience which you want to target.

Gender is just as important as the religion is and if you don’t chose the right audience your book has no chance from the very beginning.

Education level and income play their role in the buying habits of your readers and you have to keep in mind the location in your marketing campaign.


If you manage to understand the target readers personality, this will help to make the message of the book more effective.Knowing your audience is key to marketing success.

In order to identify personality preferences of your readers you have to keep in mind the four basic dimensions of your book’s characters :

-introvert -extrovert




The secret is to find your characters strengths and give readers logical reasons for reading your book.This satisfies the needs of your readers who are thinking types.

Values and beliefs

Here the analysis is focused on values and beliefs, goals and lifestyles.Find out what is important for your readers and then it will be much easier to organize the information about the book in a way which seems natural and real to your readers even if it is a work of fiction.

Building effective messages

What do you really want when marketing your book is matching the readers habits with with their environment and influence their reading attitude and reading choices.

You can do this by finding uniform groupings who are keen on the same subject or settings as in your book.

People’s culture is defined by their values, philosophies and attitude and reveals itself in their myths, heroes and stories or in the allocation of space.


20 Steps For Book Marketing


20 Steps to gain exposure for your bookLiterary Lounge logo

1.Overview – What is the marketing plan for you?

You promote your last book,you promote all books of yours,you promote your website or you promote a book which is  free for a certain period of time.

2.Timing – For how long you are ready to run this campaign?

Only for launching,a certain period of time,seasonal(Christmas,Easter,summer holiday).

3.Budget and costs

– What budget do you have for paid advertising/PR/Marketing

-Can you support other costs:printing promotional materials,launching parties,travelling…

4.Publicity and PR

Set up a press kit with audio and video links, including press clippings and articles,have teasers that catches the attention.

5.Contact Local Media

Play the ”local writer” and contact local newspapers,magazines and radio local stations.

6.Contact National Media

Send press releases targeting cities and subject related magazines.

7.Book Reviewers

– send reviews copies for reviewers in various publications

-send reviews copies to book clubs and community groups targeting your genre


Write and submit articles to the print media: about the book, about the subject, about you as a writer and other hobbies, about writing process.

9.Speaking engagements

Make an offer for speaking at your local library, schools and organization and association if your book have a social impact.You can visit senior groups and senior homes for storytelling, children’s home care for children’s books.


Join a few social media channels and try to be active as much as you can.This is the way to build your brand and reputation online as an author.

11.Launch your book in local bookstores 

-Send press releases for the event to the local media, reading groups ,local librarians and invitations to friends.

-Send a thank you note to every single person who joined the event

-Donate a few books to your local library

12.Promotional materials

-have business cards and bookmarks with the cover, your website,your free ebook,your  x for the price of y if you have some other books

-spread the business cards out(offer them to libraries,bookstores,office supplier shops,hotels, the local supermarket

13.Word of mouth – It works the best.(family,friends, colleagues, neighbors)

Be sure you have a share with friend button on your website


Do it by target:

-by location(place of birth,place of living,where the action in your book take place)

– by subject and social issues if the book has such subplots in it

– by genre and interests

15.Co – Promotion

Target authors of the same genre for reviews,guest blogging and co-promotion

16.Cross Promotion

-A  book about meditation in the nature or healthy lifestyle can be sold in camp site’s little shops.

-A book on history of(a country) may be proposed for university studies in history of this country.

-A diet book can be promoted at your local gym or fitness club.


Only a small percent of yours sales can make a huge difference in people’s lives.Your book gains exposure and you will be proud to do a kind act(only if you are that kind of person who cares)

18.Short Stories Anthology

Contribute with a short story to an anthology related to the subject in your book  and you will be mentioned with your book in the resource box.

19.Blogs and Bloggers

-Be in touch with bloggers who review books, for interviews , for guest posts

– Organize a blog tour for yourself or ask a blogger who does that to do it for you

-Ask for a cover reveal

-Ask for a promotional spot for your launching event, your book or a public appearance

20.If all of the above seems too much or too hard for you this problem can be solved very easy: FIND A PUBLICIST 🙂





How Do You Know When You’re Done?

Live to Write - Write to Live

guysanddolls             I’ve been working Ellen , a novel, for well over two years, and the drafts are now coming thick and fast. I just finished another, one that’s finally finished enough for my first reader – who wept at the opening, it’s that good. But it’s still not finished.

This first reader has marked what really works, has asked questions where he’s lost the thread, and has pointed out places where he needs and/or wants more, and other places that simply told too much. (I’ll follow Elmore Leonard’s advice here and try to leave out the places readers skip.)

While my first reader’s been reading the book, I’ve been doing other things: I took a short vacation, fulfilled some civic obligations as an elected official, went snow shoeing with my puppy and did my taxes. Tomorrow, I’ll clean my studio and start over. Again.

Those of you who have been…

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The role of a publicist is to make authors successful

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What a good publicist can do?

The role of a publicist it is to build and promote a good public image and reputation for the author and exposes the books in front of media and readers.The way to do this is to craft a message that resonates with the targeted market and to create exposure.

At Authors PR we like to build and cultivate a relationship with our writers and our readers.

What to do and what not to do when you approach a publicist

Don’t tell too many hard luck stories,you can discuss that in a private email but the role of a publicist is to say how good you are not to make people feel sorry for you.

Forget this….he lives with three dogs and  two cats; ok this say you are a good person  and you love animals but nobody is that interested in how many pets do you have.

Don’t forget to share any posts of other people about you and your books, the publicist spent some time to find people willing to publish a promotional spot for you , and send them always  a thank you note.

When you send the usual information to your publicist (synopsis,bio,or answers to interview’s questions) try to come with new content.There it is no point in publicize the same ones from Amazon or your publisher site.If readers are interested in your book,they go there and expect to find something new about your book.

What to keep in mind

Your publicist is part of your team.



How to assemble an author press kit (and why)

Robin Mizell: Treated & Released

Authors sabotage their books in two very common ways, both of which are symptoms of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

Monkey wrench #1

Not knowing how much work goes into producing a good book (therefore, failing to do the work)

Monkey wrench #2

Trying to generate publicity for a book without a press kit/media kit, even if it’s only one page

It’s easy to be irritated by or make fun of the authors who simply don’t know what they don’t know. Our annoyance comes from assuming they could know if they tried. In reality, some writers aren’t capable of recognizing that what they’re doing differs somehow from the efforts of successful authors. We can’t rescue the blissfully ignorant from failure. The best we can do is politely ignore them.

The upside, if you’re an author, is that you can remove monkey wrench #2 in one weekend with a reasonable amount of effort…

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Everybody is welcome at Authors PR Literary Lounge and I am grateful if you  want to be part of it.All the members will be listed on the site,on a static page so the post will be there forever, with the  book cover and their website.

What is expected from you as a member?

-Put AuthorsPR Literary Lounge on your website (it will be ready soon)

-Support the other members by sharing their books on your social media sites or hosting a blog hop

-Review one book per month of the  members  featured here,the choice is yours

– Vote for the book of the month

-Follow the other members on Twitter,Facebook or their blogs

-Spread the word and bring new members

To become a member there are two options:

-Book one of Authors PR services and then you have free membership;in this case you will be featured on AUTHORS PROMOTION as well.

-Pay an administration fee ( 8 EUR) to be featured on the Literary Lounge and the money will be used to book a paid advertisement on a large audience site

– for US for UK

-We will work as a team so we expect suggestions about how to improve our services and we need  a committee who decides who is the winner for the paid advertisement.

The blog is still under construction so some changes may occur.

How I started my journey in the book business

There was a time in my life when everything around me began to fall apart. It was PROFILE_PHOTOa time when I realised that I have too much time in my hands and nothing else to do than the usual house cleaning, cooking and so on. My brain start shouting at me that it needs some other activities in order to keep its capacities and neurons intact. I can’t say I was listening to my inner voice, it was more an emergency call.

And then I was lucky enough to find some people who they trusted me and gave me the chance to do something which I really like, read books and marketing them. Along the way I had the opportunity to meet wonderful writers and wonderful characters.

I thought this was a  good time for an investment of time and no money at all. Not only that, but the joy to discover good books, and interviewing writers, being able to have the message of the book directly from the author and life lessons based on the book discussed some time,all of these made me want to do more and more on a daily bases.

I decided to pursue this advertising and marketing business and doing PR for writers  who might well become part of my online community here or on the other blog AUTHORS PROMOTION, where I have now six months of blogging.

In the real life I was dreaming to open a Literary Cafe; it didn’t happen so here I am today at the great opening of Authors PR  Literary Lounge where everybody is welcome even if you visit the lounge to book my services or only for a chat and some freebies (yes,still have such things here).

Authors PR works with authors and publishers to create effective online marketing campaigns for traditional, self-published and print-on-demand books. At Authors PR we promote all genres, including romance, mystery, thrillers, inspirational, spirituality, self-help, how-to, literary fiction, business, parenting, relationships and more.

Don’t hire me, invite me to be part of your team and your success.

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